Asia Urban Resilience Finance Forum 2017

Training Asian city officials to design better adaptation projects

Participants take part in an experiential training on Singapore’s initiatives to showcase technologies on collection, waste handling and disposal during a training conducted jointly by CDIA and USAID in May 2016 in Singapore. (Photo: Cities Development Initiative for Asia)

The Philippines' Zamboanga City vulnerable to extreme climate events

The city of Zamboanga, often referred to as the sardine capital of the Philippines, is experiencing floods as well as more severe droughts, exacerbated by a changing climate. The sardine industry in Zamboanga alone accounts for 70 percent of the city’s economy. Incorporating climate change into long-term plans will better protect the watersheds, coastal resources, and the fishing industry. (Photo: iStock)

Training for urban climate resilience

Participants apply their skills to conduct a vulnerability assessment as part of the fieldwork of a five-day Urban Climate Change Adaptation and Resilience (UCCAR) Training in Ternate, Indonesia. USAID’s training for urban climate resilience improves capacity of municipal governments in resilience planning and project preparation. (Photo: USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific)

Gender Mainstreaming and Climate Change

Women commonly face higher risks and greater impacts of climate change in situations of poverty. A critical role of women in response to climate change has been recognized and promoted to be socially inclusive. A dedicated agenda for all development plans has been established to address issues of gender and climate change. (Photo: USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific)  

Thailand's 2011 Floods

It was one of the most severe floodings ever to occur in Thailand. The water flew through the provinces in northern, northeastern and central Thailand along the Mekong and Chao Phraya river basins. More than 13 million people were affected and The World Bank has estimated 1,425 trillion baht in economic damages and losses from the floods. (Photo: iStock) 


The first Asia Urban Resilience Finance Forum 2017 will bring together policymakers and climate financing practitioners across Asia to focus on the finance and capacity needs of cities and governments to develop effective and robust resilience plans and project proposals. Learn more.